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Gentle Self Foaming Mousse Cleanser
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Gentle Self Foaming Mousse Cleanser
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The award-winning skin care and cosmetics by Premier Dead Sea combine the benefits of nature and the knowledge of top skin care experts to revitalize your everyday self-care routine. Premier cosmetics have been internationally recognized for innovation and originality, as well as their ability to restore vibrance and vitality to all skin types. When you invest in Premier Dead Sea, you’re getting the best of what nature and science have to offer: a total skin care experience that is both rejuvenating and luxurious.

The Advantages of Dead Sea products

Premier cosmetics are infused with the age-defying natural benefits of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is rich in minerals and essential nutrients that nourish and enhance the skin. Even in Biblical times the water, sand and mud of the Dead Sea were said to have healing properties; in fact, Cleopatra, Pharaoh of Egypt, believed that her acclaimed beauty and physique were due to the secrets of the sea. Our Dead Sea cosmetics are infused with the very same minerals found in and around sea itself, like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and iodine - all of which have proven beneficial to overall skin health and appearance. Unlike most commercial products, Premier Dead Sea cosmetics are specifically designed to benefit your skin, and to restore or maintain the skin’s natural glow. That’s the difference of Dead Sea products, in comparison to traditional drug store brands; the health and wellness of our customers’ skin is the top priority of Premier Dead Sea, which is why we’re committed to using only the best ingredients in all Premier cosmetics.

Dead Sea Premier: Bringing Together Science and Nature

The mission of Premier Dead Sea has always been to bring together the natural healing properties of the Dead Sea and the science of modern skin care to create an elevated, luxury skin care product. The science team behind Premier cosmetic have succeeded in unlocking the power of the Dead Sea’s minerals, plant extracts and liposomes to create a formula that is simultaneously indulgent and revitalizing. When you use any one of our Dead Sea products, your skin is immediately able to recognize the healthfulness of the minerals and vitamins as a vital source of energy and nutrition. The oxygen and minerals tap into the skin’s natural ability to renew itself and develop a vibrant, healthy glow that also masks signs of aging. It’s this exact fusion of science and nature into one modern formula that has made Premier Dead Sea an internationally-recognized and awarded skin care brand.

What do customers love about Dead Sea cosmetics and skin care?

Customers choose Premier cosmetics because our products work to restore skin’s youthfulness and vitality, even after just a few weeks of use. The results speak for themselves; women continue to return to Premier Dead Sea products time and again because they know that an investment in our products is an investment in the overall health and wellness of their skin.

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