Dead Sea Products for Hands and Feet

Products from the Dead Sea have received so much limelight over the years that they barely need an introduction. These mineral-rich miracles can take care of dry heels, joint aches, acnes and much more. Today, hundreds of foot and hand care beauty products are available in the market, however, no synthetic product even comes close to the quality offered by Dead Sea Products.

Foot Care Products

Dead-Sea-salt-rich products such as Dead Sea cream moisturizers and scrubs help restore essential nutrients to the skin. These high-in-mineral products make looking younger easy. Your feet will always look rejuvenated and soft as a baby’s skin. These remedial treatment creams provide quick and visible moisturizing relief.

Without making your feet feel greasy, these powerful formulas ensure that you get through the day without having to worry about any aches or dryness. The cream gets absorbed very quickly while making sure your feet don’t dry up again, so it leaves you with a velvety soft feeling rather than feeling like you’re ice-skating on the insides of your footwear!

Hand Care Products

You can keep your hands rejuvenated with one of Premier’ high-quality Dead Sea hand creams. The creams, scrubs, and salts are packed with moisturizing and therapeutic minerals and salts from the Dead Sea region of Israel. These Dead Sea’s creams are extremely effective and last all day long. They keep your hands soft and smelling minty fresh.

Only taking up a few minutes of your time, it gives you the daily moisturizing care your hands sorely need, pardon the pun. The Dead Sea region is famous for its mineral-rich mud consisting of healing minerals and salt and used in beauty products and cosmetics, so you can take advantage of high-quality products by ordering them online.

Made with Dead Sea minerals and shea butter, the Premier hand cream range is non-oily and absorbed straight away to provide instant and long-lasting soothing relief if you have dry and sensitive skin that keeps you from doing your daily work. It protects your hands throughout the day, and the mixture of natural oils, vitamins, and minerals enrich the inner balance of your skin. You put it on in the morning, and it keeps your hands soft and smooth all day. 

Dead Sea salts can also help you get rid of skin allergies and protect your sensitive skin from unwelcome guests such as rashes.