The Dead Sea is located 1,412 feet below sea level. It is known as the lowest point on earth. Another fun fact about the Dead Sea is that it is 997 feet deep, which means it is the world’s deepest hypersaline lake. Approximately 9.6 times saltier than any ocean, it the saltiest water body in the world.

The list of interesting facts about the Dead Sea can go on and on. It has been viewed as a miracle since the early Judaean periods. Completely opposed to its name, the Dead Sea is neither dead nor a sea. It is a saltwater lake that is alive and teeming with millions of different micro bacteria. The salts, minerals, and micro-bacteria combine to form products that are brimming with both health and beauty benefits.

Mineral-Rich Water

The minerals that the Dead Sea’s mud and water possess have scientifically-verified healing properties. The potassium content in the water helps in moisturizing and rejuvenating the body and skin in recovery after strenuous exercise. When combined with bromide, potassium also helps in relieving joint and muscle tension. The sodium content in the water can boost immunity, the calcium chloride can strengthen nails and bones, and the magnesium content can rejuvenate skin. This is the reason why droves of tourists flock to the Dead Sea every year.

Dead Sea Shores

Due to the decline in sea level, It's not that simple to find an accessible and quality bathing beach on the Dead Sea shores. To enjoy the true beauty of the sea and it's health benefits, we recommend renting a car for 2-3 days from Jerusalem. From there you can drive less than an hour and find some beautiful sites for Dead Sea camping.

Silky Smooth Skin

The naturally available mud of the Dead Sea will leave your skin smoother and more revitalized than any spa treatment. So taking a dip and lathering your body with this magic mud is a must! However, for those who are unable to visit the lake itself for a replenishing dive, cosmetic company Premier has various products filled with the lake’s mineral goodness. 

Cosmetics made using elements from the Dead Sea are capable of enhancing cell-to-cell membrane transmissions. This process plays a crucial role in growing new cells, rejuvenating the skin and making it firmer than ever. Products made from the Dead Sea are made with the minerals extracted from the hyper saline lake and do not give the skin the feeling of being too oily; in fact, they provide a very smooth and moisturized feeling because they are built to suit every skin type. The minerals found in Dead Sea cosmetics assist your skin to rejuvenate itself and help preserve its natural moisture. In short, it gives you younger and healthier-looking skin.