Over the past few years, Dead Sea salts, water, mud, and minerals have gained a lot of limelight. They have become the darlings of the cosmetic world. A wide range of cosmetic products is available today in the form of body scrubs, moisturizers, facial peels, bath soaks, even hair sprays. Salt, water and mud from the Dead Sea are renowned since ancient times for the beauty and health remedies they represent. Authentic Dead Sea salts are rich in many minerals that have advantageous effects on your looks and your health. Here is a list of top 3 cosmetic products by Premier for men that combine the goodness of the Dead Sea:


Dead Sea salt can act as a cleanser, volumizer, and exfoliant. In fact, the salt is basically a miracle-worker that can detoxify your body and skin, at the same time heal any pains or aches. Its mineral-rich qualities allow it to naturally fight stress, reduce fluid retention, regulate blood circulation and restore the skin’s moisture. The salt and mud from the Dead Sea used in this product have a very positive effect on both our body and beauty. 


As a cleanser, Dead Sea salt is extremely useful to those who have acne on their skin. When incorporated with moisturizers, the cleanser can help in diminishing wrinkles and fine lines. The fact that the facial cleanser is completely organic makes it even more valuable and attractive. This gives it great value, not to mention growing popularity around the world. 


This luxury skincare kit brings you a high-quality shaving cream, cleanser, and an aftershave balm. These products combine the pure essential minerals from the Dead Sea and breakdown cellulite to combat the toxins which have built up in your body. These luxurious products will stimulate and clean your body and skin in addition to giving you a clean, refreshing feeling. The salts added to these products help in detoxifying impurities and removing them from your skin. These harmful toxins are usually the contributions of environmental pollutants. The products are suitable for all skin types, in fact, they help in removing excessing oil or dryness from the skin. 

Many other men’s care products that combine the high-mineral content of the Dead Sea have been introduced by Premier; try them and add youth and richness to your skin and beauty.