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Dead Sea Salt

We all find ourselves drawn towards ‘organic’ things. This is particularly true if we are specific about getting something harmless and pure for our skin. None of us want to take any risk when it comes to using anything for our beauty. This said, our face and body overall undergoes a big change when we start using the Dead Sea salt for our beauty.

The Dead Sea salt has been around proving its worth, and if we go back looking for testimonials, we get millions too. Since time immemorial, people visiting this part of the world often goes on a spa treatment by the basins of the Dead Sea.

They get the mudpack and therapeutic bath in the waters of Dead Sea along with scrubbing with its salts. After this, they claim to witness a supreme change and a cleaner body. But did you know there were a few types of the Dead Sea salt available for you here? Let us enumerate them now.

Different Salts in the Dead Sea

If you look through the salt guide, you will come across a variety of salts. There are different colors of salt too. There are common table salts and seas salts, rock salts, bath salts, and gourmet salts. But do you know that even the Dead Sea Salt has a few types?

  • Fine salt
  • Coarse salt
  • Extra coarse salt

You may have heard of different varieties of bath salts like Ancient sea bath salt or the Himalayan bath salt, Epsom salt, European or Mediterranean bath salt, and fine bath salt. Besides these, there are grey bath salt and solar salts. There are also other types available in the market. But their origins are from various parts of the world and not specific to the Dead Sea.

What makes the Dead Sea Salt so unique is its composition, which we shall discuss now.

Medical Advantages

As we already saw, there are three different types of Dead Sea salt based on their texture. Whether it is coarse, or the big crystals of Dead Sea salt, or the fine salt grains, the medical benefits are going to be similar.

The Mineral Dead Sea Salt packs in the goodness of around 20 minerals, giving the truest effects ten times than what you can get from regular salts.

  • Magnesium: The top component in the Dead Sea salt is great for helping in the metabolism of the cells. This way, it can help in healing skin related problems while also healing inflamed skin.


  • Sodium: Another vital component in the Dead Sea Salt is sodium, which neutralizes free radicals. These free radicals may damage skin cells. Sodium in the Dead Sea Salt goes deep to medically alleviate soreness in muscles, making the bath in this salt most effective.


  • Calcium: Calcium retains moisture in the skin by producing sebum. It also promotes the release of antioxidants, thereby making the skin feel fresh after a bath with these salts.


  • Zinc: This mineral helps in fighting off the formation of acne. It safeguards the lipids and fibroblast cells that are essential for the generation of collagen.


  • Potassium: For making sure the skin remains youthful, ensure getting the best benefits of potassium. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin so that it remains plump and full. It is essential for keeping the face looking young.


  • Sulfur: Sulfur is a vital component in the Mineral Dead Sea Salt helpful in detoxifying the skin. In short, it heals and works wonders as antifungal, and as an antibacterial agent.


  • Bromine: Bromine in the salt work as an antibiotic, thereby reviving the cells.


  • Chlorine and Iodine: Both these minerals help in cell metabolism and improve energy overall.


Talking about the Dead Sea Salt benefits, we come across many for your overall wellbeing. To start with, the medical benefits are:

  • To Treat Psoriasis: Dermatologists have claimed that sea salts are beneficial for treating psoriasis or even eczema. When people have these conditions, the skin may feel itchy. It is during these times, bathing in the water with the Dead Sea Salt will be beneficial.


  • Relieve Muscle Soreness: After a long tiring day, if your muscles ache, relieve the same with the use of Dead Sea Salt. Just take a little bit of this salt and scrub it on the parts where your muscles feel sore and wash it with warm water to get therapeutic benefits.


  • Anti-Aging: People are looking for various means and methods to look young and ageless. With exposure to the sun and pollution, the skin endures a lot of damage. This can cause cracks on the skin or wrinkles, and form lines on the sides of the eyes, forehead, or even sides of the mouth. The Mineral Dead Sea Salt is rich with nutrition, causing the skin’s collagen production to happen better and faster.


  • Retain Water and Cellulite: The Dead Sea Salt offers complete retention of cellulite that forms deep inside the skin. This may cause the skin to crease when you start working out. To even out these issues on the skin’s surface, the dead sea salts prove to be the most effective.


  • Rheumatoid Conditions: Whether you have a problem with bones and joints, severe arthritis, or rheumatoid, the Dead Sea salt can help. It possesses muscle relaxation properties that give you respite from time to time. It also improves blood circulation with regular massages and loosens up the tendons.


  • Treat Dry Skin Issues: If you face acute dry skin in the dry months of the year, it needs a natural remedy. The Dead Sea Salt has nutrition in it to hydrate the skin to the deepest tissues. Dry skin may cause severe conditions, including eczema or dandruff. Thus, the dead sea salts bath or scrub can prove to be the most effective.

Uses and Applications

Can we eat the Dead Sea salts, or do you just apply it? If you are looking to buy the Dead Sea salt from a reputed brand like Premier, then it will not be edible. However, brands are selling the same salt but after treating or processing it to make it edible. The topical application of salt is the most effective way to treat the skin and hair or nail health.  Let us look back at the long-term history of the dead sea salt and how people in the ancient civilization used it.

You can use it as a body scrub for a complete massage and wash. Some people put a handful of this Dead Sea salt in the bathtub of hot water. Then they go to take a dip in it for a few minutes to get the same rejuvenation. This is what makes the Dead Sea Salt benefits abound.

Origin and History

The Dead Sea got its name from the fact that no organism can live in these salty waters. But how long ago did people start using the Dead Sea salt? To be precise, we get references to the usage of the same from the time of King Solomon. In short, the Biblical times or the earliest eras documented the use of mud from this sea along with salt.

Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen, has always been reckoned for her fascination to use all the best natural methods to remain beautiful. We all are aware of the ways and things she used to stay gorgeous. She was so enamored by the Dead Sea salt and mud that she had urged Marc Anthony to take over the lands surrounding the Dead Sea to get complete access to these seas.

Moreover, the fruits growing on lands bordering the sea suited her beauty regimen and palate, so she was double happy. She had taken great steps to ensure she gets an unlimited supply of the Dead Sea salts and other products directly from the sea.

Use of Salt in Premier Dead Sea Products

Premier is a luxury brand offering a special Dead Sea salt therapy line of products for everyone. The Dead Sea salt is special because its salinity is the highest in quantity in comparison to that from any other sea. So, the Dead Sea in simplicity has around 32% of the salt in it, whereas other seas have 3% salt concentration in it. This high salinity, in combination with a high level of magnesium, zinc, bromide, potassium, or sodium, is the reason for the success of this salt. Premier taps this potential in all its products in this range.

Dead Sea Mud Mask and the Dead Sea Salt Scrub and soaps are some of the special products from the brand. They have their benefits to solve a variety of skin issues. This mud mask from Premier is ideal for use for hair as well as skin. It can treat impurities and eliminate all damages done to the skin by pollution like acne. The Dead Sea Salt has the healing property, making it a special element in this medicinal world. The salt has proven results in improving respiratory functions, and it can even benefit from inhalation therapy. Premier range of products is based on Heliotherapy, and it is something you also get from the Salt Rooms when you visit the Dead Sea coast.

How is it Manufactured?

Before it reaches your home, the Dead Sea Salt passes through a series of processes at the Premier units. With the most hygienic methods of processing, Salt Therapy products are made. They have faint scents to give refreshing spa time in the bathtub while rejuvenating the skin thoroughly.

The local harvesters use evaporation pools from where they extract the residue salt from the Dead Seawater. It takes around eight months to completely take the form of crystals that you get to see in the crude form. They then separate the bromide from these crystals, and then the crystals pass through further cleansing and refinement before it reaches the stores online.

Benefits of Using Premier Dead Sea Salt Products

Premier range of Salt Therapy products is worth their value for money. After all, the brand does not compromise on quality and offers nothing but a 100% organic line of Dead Sea Salt products only.

Premier range of Dead Sea Salt products has the following benefits worth mentioning:

  • Improve Better Blood Circulation

Salt is a key component in natural healing, and so is the Dead Sea salt. As per the Heliotherapy, it causes the skin to heal. It also improves blood circulation as you move the fingers on top of the affected part or part of the body where there is a muscle pull. It can reduce inflammation or pain and relax the nerves.


  • Great Natural Exfoliation

Salt is a natural exfoliating agent. With pollution, the dirt and grime might clog the pores on the body, giving it acne and a host of other skin issues. Using Premier Scrub, you will find great relief. It can remove the flaky or dead skin and cells from the pores by going deep. You don’t even have to scrub hard. Just put some in a hot water tub and settle down. After 30 minutes, you will find the pores are cleaned, and the skin feels fresh and hydrated.


  • Stay Young and Healthier

Premier brand of Dead Sea Salt soaps and scrubs are effective because of the brand’s panache for using only the most authentic. The products are the best for boosting collagen and retaining elasticity of the skin. Your skin remains ageless and stops the formation of any wrinkles or frown lines.

These are unique to reliable branded Dead Sea salt products, and thus, it is always advisable to choose Premier for the same.


Will the salt in Dead Sea ever run dry?

The salt in the Dead Sea has been here since the earliest biblical times and it still continues to remain. There are deep and long caves of Dead Sea salt that can give more and more of salt for a long time to come. This cave is 10 kilometers long, dating back 7000 years ago. Salt is sustainable as it is naturally occurring in the salt water. Also, Dead Sea has more salt content than the regular salt from other seas of the Earth. So, you can continue getting your source of mineral-rich Dead Sea salt, as it is sustainable.

Which is better - Dead Sea salt or other sea salt?

The Dead Sea salt comes from the depths of the Dead Sea basin. It packs in the goodness of minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and others. They have great benefits for the health of skin and hair along with muscles and bones. In fact, the Dead Sea minerals have a success rate of psoriasis patients of around 60% showing signs of complete recovery. This said, even arthritis and other such bone issues have been recovered. Minerals on one side, you can also expect the Dead Sea’s salt content to be very high. It is as much as 32% in comparison to the other seas.

Can we use regular table salt instead of Dead Sea salt?

The regular table salt is just taken from your local sea deposits. It goes through several layers of processing to ensure the minerals are removed and even pass through a process that dries up the salt. It reduces the chances of becoming lumps and gets iodine to ensure it protects people from getting thyroid. The Dead Sea salt has minerals like potassium, sodium, magnesium and others that you will not find in the regular salt. This said, you will not find the same therapeutic benefits you can get from the Dead Sea minerals. Thus, you need to use the same for getting holistic health and wellness.

What are the spa treatments at Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea shores are now dotted with famous spas and resorts where tourists from around the world seek therapies. The Dead Sea minerals are available here in all the spa packages. People often go for therapeutic massages of the back, neck, and legs. There are special foot massages, Dead Sea mud masks, and more. Those willing to take a bath in the Dead Sea may also opt for the same after going with a mud wrap and a helio therapy. The aromatherapy and helio therapy in the salt rooms are also chosen treatments tourists visiting the Dead Sea look forward to here.