Anti-aging Powers of Dead Sea Minerals - the BIOX Advantage

Since Ancient Egypt until the present day, Dead Sea minerals and mud have been known to have diverse advantageous effects on our skin, which is why many people call the Dead Sea a fountain of youth.

Age-Reversing Effects

The extraordinary healing abilities of the mud have an exceptional anti-aging effect. It is an ideal curative solution for nearly every skin-related ailment, including dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. It also acts as a wrinkle filler for aging skin.


The Dead Sea is a rich source of minerals, anti-oxidants, healing salts and much more. The mineral composition of the Dead Sea mud makes it unique. The salts found in the Dead Sea are very powerful in terms of blood circulation stimulation, skin healing, facilitating lymphatic draining, and decreasing the occurrence of wrinkles.

Why is the Dead Sea truly the fountain of skin-youth?

The immense healing abilities of the Dead Sea minerals are the main reason for its widespread reputation. The Dead Sea salt is so effectual and has such a unique mineral composition that it acts as a natural wrinkle filler to visibly reduce the signs of aging.


The youth-giving Dead Sea and its bounties hold a unique secret that sets them apart from every other skincare product. Its inability to drain gives it’s salt the unique structure, which is unlike any other salt. The sodium chloride levels are the best way to verify this.

Special Dead Sea Minerals and Salts

The sodium chloride levels in the Dead Sea salts are completely off the charts when compared to salt from any ocean in the world. The Dead Sea is notably abundant in minerals that have vital anti-aging and restorative traits. There are over 25 different types of minerals and compounds found in the Dead Sea, 12 of which are only in this lake. Some of these minerals are:


  • Magnesium – It has properties tending to reduce or control allergic indications and guard the skin’s surface against allergens, elevate skin tissue repair, slow down the skin’s aging process, and challenge fluid retention and anxiety effects.
  • Calcium – It helps in wound repair, rejuvenates skin cells, improves circulation while restricting water retention.
  • Potassium – It replenishes, moisturizes and energizes the skin and promotes skin oxygenation.
  • Bromides – They are natural antibiotics that incite the process of natural restoration of the skin and relaxing it.
  • Sodium – It improves the skin’s hydrating, permeability, and blood circulation processes.
  • Chlorine – It is vital for skin cell cleansing, and it keeps skin cells healthful.
  • Iodine – It is vital for boosting the energy levels in the body.
  • Zinc – It helps cell generation.


Being such a potent mineral composite, Dead Sea salt is especially powerful in inducing blood flow, rejuvenating cracked skin cells, calming any skin inflammation and draining out any toxins.


By building the oxygenating impact, Dead Sea salts ease and cleanse the skin, making it young, renewed, and bright. To top it off, the Dead Sea also offers relief from joint pain and respiratory diseases, as well as persistent skin complications.

BIOX products and their benefits

If you want the best skincare, getting the top-of-the-line products should be on top of your priority list. Products from BIOX have excelled in many aspects and continue to push the boundaries of performance.

These age-reversing products have been made from the therapeutic natural black mud of the Dead Sea. This mud, unlike any other mud on the planet, brings the benefits of the Dead Sea to a range of skincare products. It is a uniform and remarkably sturdy blend of organic ingredients and minerals.


Advantages and effects

When used on the skin, BIOX products have thermogenic traits, which causes very effective stimulation of blood flow. These skincare products are most useful for relaxing and purifying the skin.

Rich in true-to-nature components, high concentration salts, and minerals, BIOX products such as the Intensive Age Treatment Serum and Thermal Beauty Experience Mask offer authentic skincare luxury. These items have both medicinal and curative powers that are wonderful for:

  • Calming down the nerves
  • Stimulating the blood circulatory system
  • Soothing the skin
  • Nourishing and refining the skin


These products are designed in a way to fit all skin types perfectly. The Intensive Age Treatment Eye Cream Gel effectively spots dried-out patches of skin and helps in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The most inventive and advanced skincare therapy can be bought in small packaging and reinvents how you see your skin every day. 



  • Eliminating dead skin cells
  • Wrinkle reducing effects
  • Skin renewal
  • Delivering an age-reversing impact
  • Cost-effective solution


The skincare market is completely flooded with products that assure a youthful effect; however, only a few of them have anything to show for it. And choosing a product that stands out of the crowd will give you results as well as real value for money.