Benefits of Dead Sea-based Products

The Dead Sea is one of the most valuable treasures in the world. It is situated 1,200 feet below sea level and has a very high salt concentration rate. While average seawater has up to 3% salt content, water from the Dead Sea has 32% salt content and a comparatively high mineral concentration, according to researchers. The Dead Sea is rich in 21 minerals, like zinc, iodine, potassium, and sulfur. Over 50% of these minerals can not be found in any other ocean or sea. 

Primary Benefits

Many medical studies show that the mineral concentration in the Dead Sea is quite effective in treating issues such as rheumatism, psoriasis, eczema, and acne. These minerals have effectively treated many skin disorders by improving blood circulation, strengthening tissues in the skin, flushing toxins out of the skin, and balancing the chemical content of the skin.

The magnesium concentration in this miracle lake is about 15 times the level found in any sea. This anti-allergic agent used in Dead Sea products is known to stimulate higher metabolism amongst cells and helping them in utilizing other vital nutrients. Patients who have psoriasis have a reduced amount of skin scales and serum. Products made from minerals from the Dead Sea can assist people in fighting psoriasis and many other such skin disorders easily.

Leading the Charge

This is the reason why Premier is working towards incorporating these miracle minerals into its unparalleled line of beauty products. The mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea offers immense relief from the symptoms of stress by inducing enhanced detoxification and circulation. It is necessary to eradicate the by-products of a stress cycle by relieving your skin cells of any toxin

Dead Sea cosmetics manufactured from these salts contain over 21 minerals that are essential for the beauty and health of the skin. The mineral-rich salts and sediments collected over years of evaporation have invigorating properties for the body. As our age advances, the levels of minerals in our body deplete. Researches show that the body can no longer produce minerals independently, so it needs the support of an external source of supply, which is exactly what the sea-salts of the Dead Sea offer.

Thousands of people travel to the Dead Sea every year to relax and experience its beauty. The healing, rejuvenating, and beautifying powers of the lake have drawn a lot of attention from tourists as well as researchers and has burgeoned into waves of ‘curative tourists’ that wash over the beaches of the Dead Sea, in a manner of speaking.