Sea salt has multiple uses and is not just restricted to cooking. One of the most natural ways in which salt from the sea is used is as a scrub. The chemical composition and the rough texture provide amazing results when it comes to exfoliation. Dead Sea salt is incredibly well-known for just this purpose. When used right, a Dead Sea Scrub can provide the benefits of removing dead skin cells such that it can dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.


Using sea salt scrubs to address cellulite and stretch marks


Cellulite is the dimpling of the skin due to fatty tissue getting pressed against the skin with no proper blood circulation. Once this happens, it is hard to reduce the appearance of cellulite, with women being more prone to developing this in areas around the thighs. Stretch marks appear when an individual undergoes physical changes such that the skin needs to stretch in order to accommodate the change in appearance. This can occur for various reasons like weight gain, growth spurts, and pregnancy.


A salt scrub is an ideal choice when opting for a natural way to address these two conditions. The skin exfoliation process improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the skin. The mineral content of sea salt, especially of the variety from the Dead Sea, is so rich that it can penetrate the layers of the skin and leave it feeling healthier and more nourished. The best way to get the real experience is to go out and sleep at a Dead Sea Camping site. On the Dead Sea shores you will get the full filling of the Dead Sea water, minerals and air.


How to use Dead Sea Salt Scrub to treat visible stretch marks and cellulite


As with any product that is used on the skin, it helps to first check with your dermatologist, especially if you are pregnant or have very sensitive skin. Using the Dead Sea scrub is very simple indeed.  For gentle exfoliation, apply an adequate amount of the Dead Sea salt on the areas that require more attention. Massage the scrub gently on the skin by rubbing it in a circular motion. This improves blood circulation and helps the skin absorb the minerals that make it supple. Avoid scrubbing harshly or breaking the skin. After using the scrub on all intended areas, you may simply wash it off in the shower. Following this process, always remember to moisturize well, as exfoliation leaves behind cleaner skin waiting to be hydrated. It is not necessary to use the scrub every day in order to cut down the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Using the sea salt a few times a week or even once a week will usually suffice.