Which diseases can be cured using Dead Sea products?

The Dead Sea between the borders of Israel and Jordan has been a tourist hotspot for decades for both its unusual phenomena and its healing properties. Being at a lower sea level than any other water body in the world, it has a rich combination of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium that have effective healing and anti-bacterial properties. 

People have been flocking to the Dead Seas to benefit from the natural mud around it and heal disorders like psoriasis and chronic back pain. Continue to read how a host of different Dead Sea products can help treat various diseases.

Betters psoriasis 

Researchers have concluded that the chemical compounds and high concentration of salts in the Dead Sea mud can effectively negate psoriasis flares. Applying Dead Sea mud as a compress on your psoriasis-affected areas can successfully decrease inflammation and relieve you of its irritating symptoms.

Relieves arthritis

In an experiment, people who have arthritis were asked to apply heated Dead Sea mud packs to their extremities for 20 minutes every day over two weeks. It was observed that the people in the experiment experienced a considerable decrease in pain from arthritis symptoms for over three months. A Dead Sea mud pack is more effective for patients of psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Soothes chronic back pain and knee pain

A study in 2014 confirmed that the application of a Dead Sea mud compress five times a week for three weeks indicated considerable alleviation from symptoms of chronic lower back pain or knee pain from osteoarthritis. It is believed that the nutrient and mineral-rich properties of Dead Sea mud soothe the joints and nerves, causing better blood circulation and reducing pain.

Reduces cellulite

Cellulite is the fat that causes lumpy and cottage-cheese-like formations on your thighs, buttock or abdomen. It is more prevalent in adolescents and adult women. This happens typically because fat and skin tissues are trapped near the surface of your skin. Applying Dead Sea mud packs to the affected area causes a visible reduction of cellulite as the high-concentration of minerals relaxes your muscles and nerves, thus releasing toxins from your pores and encouraging better blood circulation.

Reduces hair fall

Hair fall occurs when the blood vessels of your hair follicle shrinking. This prevents the formation of essential hair proteins required for proper hair growth, resulting in stunted hair growth and hair fall. To prevent this, directly apply Dead Sea mud to your scalp and rinse with shampoo after 10 minutes. The abundant minerals in the mud pack rejuvenate your nerve endings and increase blood flow.

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