Face Mask vs. Face Scrub: Which is Better?

A glowing and clear face is the center of your detailed and carefully-reviewed skin care routine. No matter which routine you follow, though, face care requires a face wash, face mask, and face scrub. While the need for a face wash is clear as a good complexion on a sunny day, there are many beauty forums that are rife with questions regarding the difference between a face mask and scrub and which is better than the other.

Read on to know more about the difference between the two.


Face Scrub

Also known as exfoliators, face scrubs are used to get rid of dead skin cells. They clean the skin surface of dirt and ensure that you have a clean, bright, and smooth skin surface. It is recommended that you use a face scrub at least three times a week. You have to be on guard against strong face scrubs, especially if you have oily skin. However, there are always mild face scrubs that you can opt for to prevent your skin from getting oilier, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of clearer and brighter skin.


Face mask:

Apart from removing dead skin cells, face masks also hydrate the skin, keeping it clean and fresh. They are usually in the form of a paste or powder and clean dirt and impurities from your face. They are three types of face masks:

  • Mud or Clay masks: Absorb oils, seep deeper into your pores, and guarantee a deep cleanse. Recommended for oily, sensitive and dry skin
  • Cream masks: Great for dry and dehydrated skin
  • Gel masks: Apart from cleansing, they ensure that your skin is hydrated enough. They act more like a moisturizer and are suitable for all skin types.


Face mask vs Face scrub:

A face mask takes the win here. While both generally have the same function, a face mask removes dead skins, hydrates your skin and absorbs excess oil as well. This not only leaves you with clear skin but also ensures a smooth and fresh skin surface. It is highly suitable for oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin types, as it is gentle on the skin without causing any breakage or blemish.


Premium mask miracle noir

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