Hair Care Products from the Dead Sea

Is your hair losing its natural luster and making you worried sick? Troubles such as hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, etc. have a majority of people today looking for a healthy remedy. The  Dead Sea is known to have many health and care properties that can do wonders for all our modern-day ailments but remains a mystery to a lot of hair care product buyers.

Why use Dead Sea Products?

The extraordinary mineral salt content of Dead Sea products is the major differentiating point for all Dead Sea beauty and bath products. Many medicinal studies have confirmed that Dead Sea mineral salts are quite effective in healing acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rheumatism. These minerals are known to rectify skin dysfunctions by restoring the skin tissue, managing the chemical stability of the skin, inciting blood flow and expelling toxins from the skin.

Dead Sea Products and their effectiveness

Dead Sea products such as the Age-defying Aragan Hair Care mask, shampoo, oil, etc. deal with dryness, hair fall, dandruff, and many other hair problems. This range of products has conditioning traits that keep the scalp hydrated.

The zinc content in the Dead Sea Premier products helps in subduing any itchiness of the scalp, unlike any regular hair care product. The sodium and sulfur content of Dead Sea Premier Shampoo can help reduce the flakiness of the scalp.

Repair and improve the hair structure

The persistent use of these products can fill-in and smooth-out hair flakes. With the help of such natural remedies, proper nutrition, and vitamins, your hair can grow healthier and regain its natural luster and shine.

Dead Sea products not only help in managing hair fall but also promote hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles and leading to the generation of new hair. These mineral-rich hair products directly hit at the heart of stress and its effects, which can be a major reason for hair fall amongst women and men.

These kinds of products can offer the best hair therapy possible. Dead Sea Aragan Shampoo aids in managing the oiliness of the scalp as well as preventing it from getting extremely dry.


The shampoo cleanses the microparticles of dirt out of the hair gently and absorbs the excess dust, sebum, dirt and the residues of styling cosmetics from the hair and scalp’s exterior. Besides this, the minerals in the product have a remedial impact on the scalp. Dead Sea shampoos are lightly scented and mild. Getting clean and bouncy hair while nourishing the scalp can be very therapeutic and stress-relieving.

For over a thousand years, Dead Sea mud has been used for beauty treatments. However, cosmetic corporations continue to find newer and improved methods for the efficient use of these scarce goods. If your hair and scalp are tired of toxic products, then you must try the Dead Sea’s rejuvenating formulae.

Masks and Hair Conditioning

Some creams and masks feed the scalp and make new hair grow more robust. These masks will fill the hollow voids in the hair structure, making them shinier and thicker.

A natural conditioner filled with Dead Sea salts and minerals softens the scalp and fixes the hair flakes so that there is no roughness or dryness. Conditioner can also protect your hair from the high temperatures of hairdryers and curling irons, and they stay in until the next wash.

Dead Sea Mud

Quite often, hair gets only a limited amount of vitamins and minerals from the food we consume. Furthermore, today it is very difficult to find even one person who consumes vitamins without any additives. Hence, our hair stops being thick or shiny. Dead Sea mineral scrubs and masks can improve the blood flow into the scalp so that the hair becomes thicker. Along with heightened circulation, a strong dose of valuable minerals makes your hair healthier and look shinier than ever before.

The Dead Sea has been celebrated since ancient times for its corrective traits. For ages, Dead Sea salts, minerals, and mud have been used for producing a wide array of beauty and bath products. Unlike any other seawater, it is much more effective due to its high mineral content, making it advantageous on several levels.


If you are exhausted from wasting too much money on “repairing” treatments and shampoos that never actually work on your real needs such as dry, brittle hair or split ends, then you must give your pocket and hair relief from this constant toxic struggle. Finding the right products to repair your damaged tresses back to their original, silky, healthy state should be your first port of call.

Dead Sea products offer an intense array of rich Conditioners and Shampoos formed to deliver ingenious and compelling nutrients penetrating the shafts and roots of your hair, hydrating and restoring every strand of hair, leaving you with more lustrous, glistening, and bouncy hair. Your hair will feel indulged every day, every time you wash it with one of these mystical hair products.