Makeup essentials definitely include products that highlight one’s eyes in numerous ways. Even a simple eyeliner and mascara combination does the work well. Then comes the part of removing makeup from on and around the eyes just before bedtime. With tons of options available, it all comes down to choosing the best eye makeup remover for you and the way you do it. A simple explanation for why this matters is that the skin around the eyes is quite delicate and requires treating it with care. Not doing so would result in stretching and micro-tears, which in turn could easily cause wrinkling and even clogging of pores. Let us see how to use eye makeup remover the proper way to ensure the skin around the eyes is fresh, clean, and adequately hydrated with Dead Sea serum.


Choosing an eye makeup remover and how to use it


Eye makeup removers come in many forms, like oil-based, water-based, or a combination of both. You can also opt for micellar water or a balm. One should avoid applying the product directly and rubbing out the makeup with one’s fingers. Instead, take a clean cotton pad, add a little of the eye makeup remover on the cotton pad, and work your way from the inner to outer parts of the eye along the lash line. This has to be done gently without overly rubbing out the makeup. Use the cotton pad to include the eyebrow line, too, as that is often overlooked, and most eyebrow products require makeup removing solutions to cleanse the area. Before you move on to using eye serum, cleanse the area using a cleansing solution. You can also use a mild soap and water solution to clear any residual oils or minerals from the makeup on the skin.


Post eye makeup removal care


This is the most important step following eye makeup removal. Cleansing the area around the eyes removes naturally secreted oils along with the makeup. After a long day of wearing makeup, the skin around the eyes needs nourishing care to repair itself and stay hydrated. A Dead Sea serum that is mineral-rich and penetrates multiple layers of skin does just that. Ultimately, you should choose an eye serum that will not only provide basic skincare but also agrees with your skin type. Follow a proper eye makeup removal routine along with nourishing after-care to avoid easy wrinkling and aging signs around the eyes.