Rose Quartz is the latest addition to the skincare line of products that advertise the utmost benefits and healthy skin. Moreover, this gemstone is not only a skin-healer but it is believed to have holistic benefits. Rose quartzes have found their way into facial serums, creams, and masks due to their evident and innumerable benefits. These benefits include tighter, brighter, and healthier-looking skin, which in tandem with the benefits of Dead Skin minerals promise overall skincare goodness. Therefore, there are a number of Dead Sea serums and Dead Sea mask products available today. Read on to know why Rose Quartz gems are being added to face masks and creams.

Facilitates better circulation

Rose Quartz is believed to be connected to the heart chakra, which is the organ responsible for your blood flow. Applying a Rose Quartz-infused Dead Sea Mask or Dead Sea Serum invigorates your skin’s surface and increases blood flow. This, in turn, ensures that your skin cells are regenerated, leaving you with healthy, hydrated and younger-looking skin.

Combats inflammation

The naturally cool characteristics of Rose Quartz make it a hands-down combatant against inflammation. It not only reduces soreness, puffiness, or swelling but also alleviates your sinuses and congestion. Applying a Rose Quartz infused Dead Sea Serum or Dead Sea mask will give you the double benefit of healthy skin and relief from inflammation.

Relieves stress

Stress is a known enemy of skin, causing damage, irritation, and untold harm. When stress occurs, our bodily functions face irregularity and, in turn, lead to outbreaks, irritation, and rashes on the skin. Your skin appears puffy and bloated, and it hampers the production of necessary skin products such as elastin and collagen. Applying a Rose Quartz Serum and Cream ensures that you remain calm. It helps combats stress and keeps your skin glowing and young.

Improves your skincare routine

Rose Quartz skin rollers open your pores and exfoliate your skin, enhancing blood flow, enabling a deeper cleanse, and making it more absorbent to skin creams, muds, and serums. Additionally, using Dead Sea skin products replete with Dead Sea minerals and salts ensures that your skin is refined, wrinkle-free, well-hydrated, and protected from UV and pollution, resulting in glowing, firmer, fresher and younger-looking skin. For best results, use a Dead Sea anti-oxidant face mask and then a Dead Sea Mud Pack.

Opt for products that have both Rose Quartz and Dead Sea Minerals to get the best of both. You’ll find the best ones at Premier Dead Sea, a cosmetics brand dedicated to quality and results.