Haircare trends that keep changing every week can be very hard to stay abreast of. However, some daunting questions keep us intrigued and our curiosity engaged. Are shampoos with sulfates harmful? Can a shampoo with salt benefit me?


Salt shampoos are all the rage these days. The fast-moving industry, rapidly innovating technologies, and some new-age components have made it difficult to understand what's truly beneficial for your unique hair type. The wrong kind of hair products can give you split ends and oily roots, and an inadequate conditioner can lead to brittle hair.


However, a new-found element in the world of hair care and beauty can make your locks bouncy and fresh again. There is a heavy influx of salt-based cosmetics such as scrubs and sprays that promise suntan-ready skin, and smooth beachy waves. Another promising beauty product consisting of salt as an enhancing element that has been gaining attention is Dead Sea salt shampoo.


How Dead Sea Salt Can Benefit Your Hair


Regular shampoos have a high amount of sodium chloride, which is known to cause dryness and itchy scalps. However, in contrast, the sea salt shampoo from the Premier Dead Sea is known to detoxify the scalp and relieve the skin of grease and product build-up.


Sea salt is known to be a natural detoxifier to the scalp and helps in keeping it strong and healthy. It offers more body, luster, and texture to your natural locks, which means that your hair can be styled more easily and the style will last longer. Specifically, Dead Sea salts are packed with minerals such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium.


Premier Dead Sea products such as the Salt Shampoo can improve your hair’s quality and life in various ways:


  • Improves Hair Growth

If you are experiencing hair loss, then you can try this trick and put a stop to it. Wash your hair regularly while massaging the scalp with the sea salt shampoo thoroughly to get visible results.


  • Prevents greasiness

In addition to keeping your hair strong and healthy, It is great for naturally removing toxins from the scalp along with grease, product build-up, and grime, as the salts act as a natural exfoliator. A sea salt shampoo can help remove the unwanted oiliness on your scalp.


  • Prevents Dandruff

You can get rid of the irritating and problematic dandruff by simply including sea salt to your hair care routine and massaging the product well into our scalp while washing them.