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Dead Sea Bath Salts

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The purest Dead Sea spa treatment is now right at your fingertips. In warm bath waters, these concentrated salts enrich your skin with miraculous minerals. A simple soak can help treat and alleviate aches, pains, and ailments that occur throughout the day.
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The Dead Sea Salt Bath For Relieving Stress From Body And Mind

Stress is now an intrinsic part of our daily existence. Whether we are a student, a homemaker, or a professional - stress follows us. There may be stress on our body and mind too. Body aches and fatigue are common now, and people are looking at getting medicines for the same. But, the healing will only be effective if you go for complete therapy. Thus, a Dead Sea salt bath is an excellent solution for you. 
Imagine setting up a warm bath and getting a refreshing Dead Sea salt bath to get the body rejuvenation thoroughly. The water of the Dead Sea has higher saline content compared to other seas in the world. Moreover, these waters are rich in magnesium, calcium, and other nourishing minerals, contributing to give complete refreshment to the body. 

Beneficial Facts of Dead Sea Salt Bath

Provide Body Ache Relief
After a long day at work, your back may require a little bit of massage or something equally therapeutic. This is where the soothing Dead Sea salt bath is a necessity. It is naturally refreshing, and the Bromide in it reduces swelling or stiffness of the muscles and joints. 

Eliminate Skin Disease
We all know that the Dead Sea has been beneficial for the skin for a long time. Thus, you can expect the Dead Sea salt to work magic if your skin has inflammation or skin diseases and conditions of eczema, psoriasis, and other allergies. Just ensure getting the bath regularly, so it goes deep into the skin, enrich it, and rid of all the effects. 

Exfoliation for Skin
Salt is naturally effective in exfoliating the skin. From reducing toxins from the pores on the surface of the skin to removing dead skin cells, the Dead Sea salt bath does it all. The salt is great for scrubbing and can leave the skin feeling fresh after a bath. It also cleanses the skin from deep by effectively working with its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. It goes deep in these pores and reduces the chances of getting any acne, pimples, as it also eliminates the formation of oil and grime in these pores. 

Moisturize the Skin
A high quantity of potassium in the Dead Sea salt bath will help in moisturizing the skin. It keeps the cleaned skin, not feeling dry or dull. Moisturizing the skin is as vital as exfoliating and cleansing because only then the skin will retain its elasticity for long and remain fresh in all seasons.

Remain Youthful
The Dead Sea salt bath from Premier Dead Sea can fight off free radicals that cause damage in the skin. It has the fibroblast to hydrate the skin and keep it youthful. So, you get problem-free skin for a lifetime. Ensure to take regular therapeutic baths using the Dead Sea salt. 
How Dead Sea Salt Bath Should be a Regular Affair?
Premier Dead Sea Aromatic Bath Crystals product packs in all the highest concentration of potassium, sodium, magnesium, and other minerals. They have the goodness of the Dead Sea salt to ensure you get all these benefits and much more with every bath. Use the salt for a relaxing bath or a face scrub and wash too. Whether you use the Dead Sea salt bath for regular use or a monthly special bath session, the benefits will be equally rejuvenating. Remember to let your hair down and sink into pure bliss of the Dead Sea’s bountiful to the world. 

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  • Softens typically hard tap water so your spa-like soak feels absolutely amazing
  • Helps to alleviate aches, pains, and other ailments
  • Nourishes and softens skin
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Pour two to three tablespoons of the salt into a warm enough to steam tub (but not too hot to touch). For larger tubs, pour five to six tablespoons of salt. Soak in the water for however long your heart desires.

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  • Dead Sea Minerals: The Dead Sea was formed over millions of years at the lowest point on earth 1378 feet below sea level in the middle of the African Fault. It's known as a prime spot for the skin-care industry, many thanks to the very high content of salt, minerals, and natural elements. These unique minerals help to rejuvenate, heal, and smooth the skin. Premier laboratories capitalize on this unique natural source and use it to produce the highest level of skin-care perfection. Relying on the Dead Sea's composition high levels of magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium, and potassium and on advanced scientific processes, Premier's cosmetic products are the best of their kind.
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