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24H Quartz Gem Stem Cell Kit | Dead Sea Products | Premier Dead Sea | G15e-G13e-G12e-G11e-G10e

24H Quartz Gem Stem Cell Kit

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SKU G15e-G13e-G12e-G11e-G10e
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Quartz Gem Liquid Ice Lifting Cream   + $1,299.99
Quartz Gem Lifting Serum   + $1,399.99
Quartz Gem Metamorphosis Lifting Mask   + $1,429.99
Quartz Gem Brightening Under Eye Treatment   + $1,099.99
Rose Quartz Gemstone   + $99.99

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    The Quartz Gem collection is an enchanting skincare line that takes the power of the rose quartz gemstone and beautiful florals to lift and illuminate your skin. Scientists have manipulated rose quartz powder to stimulate a lifting effect on the skin while alpine rose stem cells and the botanically-derived liposome complex deliver ingredients that awaken the senses and rejuvenate skin for a youthful-looking glow. Opulent rose quartz powder particles rub and react to transform skin into something that glows.

    24H Quartz Gem Stem Cell Kit:

    • Rose Quartz Gemstone
    • Quartz Gem Lifting Mask 

    70 ml / 2.3 Fl.oz

    • Quartz Gem Lifting Serum 

    30 ml / 1.02 Fl.oz

    • Quartz Gem Liquid Ice Lifting Cream 

    60 ml / 2.04 Fl.oz

    • Quartz Gem Brightening Under Eye Treatment 

    10 ml / 0.34 Fl.oz

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