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Get The Nature’s Best Spa With Premier’s Range Of Ultimate Dead Sea Minerals

Nature has some of the best gifts for humankind. All that we have to do is to dig deeper or search farther to get the same for ourselves. From the herbs, growing in the highest mountain peaks to the salts in the deepest Dead Sea, we get these all. The Dead Sea minerals from the depths of this water body are doing rounds in the health and lifestyle industry for ages. After all, a visit to Jordan is never complete without a dip in the sea soaking up in the Dead Sea minerals.

Is this a beauty or cosmetic trend, did you ask? It is more than just a beauty trend to go dipping in the Dead Sea minerals. To start with, you get the best feel of therapy when you go applying the humble Dead Sea mud mask or exfoliate yourself using the salt-based scrub. This said many users are coming up seeking more of the authentic Dead Sea-based products. However, it is essential you only opt for brands like Premier for the same. This will guarantee you the best and the truest benefits of the Dead Sea salt.

Different Types of Dead Sea Minerals

In the market, you get several Dead Sea-based products. There are bath salts, scrubs, and mud masks, all of which have been the top products available from the Jordan’s Rift valley for ages.

Before we go ahead, let us know that there are two types of Dead Sea minerals in the mud pack and the scrub or salt products. They are:

Macro Minerals: Calcium and magnesium are necessary for the body in large quantities. These macro minerals are the electrolytes that dissolve in the blood. They contain sodium, potassium, and bicarbonate to help in controlling the muscle and nervous functions while also balancing the acid-base in the body. In the diet, we have certain minerals, but they may or may not be sufficient.

Trace Minerals: The minerals such as Iodine and Copper are necessary for small quantities.

Both the Dead Sea salt and masks carry these minerals in sufficient quantities. Which one of these products should you use to get the nourishment of the Dead Sea minerals? All these products have their efficacy in their ways. The reason for using any of them will also be different. The salts are ideal for improving the skin and hair conditions and can even give you the therapeutic touch inside out. Talking of the varieties of the Dead Sea products, let us go further.

  • Dead Sea Mud Masks

Let us check out the mud mask firstly, which transcends from being an exotic commodity to skincare essential. The mud mask straight from the Dead Sea’s mud banks are superior in feel and contain all the nourishment your skin needs. There are famous Hollywood celebrities like Julianne Moore, who are the fans of this mask because of the way it works magic on each application. With age and pollution, the body tends to lose the sheen and glow. The mud mask on the application will help in reviving the beauty even if you are just doing it once a week. The Dead Sea minerals are in adequate quantity in the mask, too, for your welfare.

  • Dead Sea Salt

You also get the real feel of Dead Sea minerals when you use this Dead Sea salt. There are three types of textures of the salt from the Dead Sea:

  • Fine grains
  • Coarse grains
  • Extra coarse grains

Each of these varieties is equally packed with the holistic composition of minerals straight from the sea’s basin. It just makes the salt a very effective component for a therapeutic bath. The salt is so potent that you need to add a spoonful of the same in warm water in the bathtub. Soak in the mineral-powered bath for 30 minutes to see visible changes in the skin.

  • Dead Sea Scrub

This is another product with superior exfoliating techniques. The salt-based scrub also has the beneficial touch of the Dead Sea minerals. The scrub is ideal for exfoliating the pores, and detoxifying it completely. Scrub the salt slightly in circular motions on specific areas where you have problems of oiliness or pigmentation to see visible differences. Premier brand bath salt from the Dead Sea also has a faint aroma to make the bath not just the ultimate exfoliation tool but also a refreshing one. It can even improve blood circulation while removing dead skin cells from the surface of the face or body. People use it for their feet to ensure their heels and toes remain smooth and have the same softness as the rest of the body.

Medicinal Benefits

Do these Dead Sea salts and masks have medicinal benefits as well, or are they just great for complementing your beauty regimen? Let us check how these Dead Sea products are the most effective in providing holistic benefits.

Salt for Psoriasis: The salt in the Dead Sea contains enriching salinity along with other chemicals. This salt is going to help in treating psoriasis. These minerals help in eliminating the toxins from the body, along with reducing the chances of getting any recurring problems or inflammations related to Psoriasis. While treating Psoriasis, it also nourishes and moisturizes the skin well to prevent the repercussions of these dry skin problems.

Acne: A high quantity of sulfur helps in cleansing the skin deeply just so that it removes the dirt from the skin’s surface well. It also means that the skin remains free from any dirt or accumulated pores. When the pores become clogged, it ends up being dull and gives a lackluster appearance to the skin.

Arthritis: We know that arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are pains happening in the joints and muscles. This causes the person immense pain for doing the simplest functions of moving their arms or holding anything or even walking. The best treatment has been that of a massage. However, salt has always been a proven method for massaging the muscles and aching body in circular motions. This said the Dead Sea salt has minerals like calcium for you to massage.

Different Uses and Applications

Those with the desire to have a radiant skin free from impurities can always rely on the Dead Sea minerals. These minerals from the deepest parts of the Dead Sea are rich with salt. It is a fact that unlike other seas or oceans around the world where the salt content is just 3%, the water in the Dead Sea has 32% salt. It means the water is not suitable for any marine life to thrive. But that said, besides salt, the water has a huge concentration of magnesium, iodine, calcium, sodium, potassium, bromide, and more. Besides these, there are Sulfates and Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, and others for better results. There are nothing less than 21 vital minerals, and this is what brands like Premier use in all their products. So, each product has these minerals to make their application more effective.

Dermatologists around the world recommend the use in various ways.

  • For the Face: Take a spoonful of the Dead Sea salt or scrub with some lukewarm water and rub it gently on the face. Use the grains in circular motions on your cheeks, and the T-Zone, chin, neck, and nape areas. Then wash it away with warm water and pat it dry. Do it two or three times a week to remove all the dullness of the face after a long time outdoors.


  • Detox Body Wash: The best way to release stress from the body is to go for the body wash. Take a handful of the Dead Sea minerals in the form of soap or scrub and apply it gently. You may use it to some regions of the body like elbow, underarms, or joints to remove clogged and dry or dead skin. It has proven results in clearing away the dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin.


  • Therapeutic Body Massage: If your body is tired after a long day at work or if you suffer from chronic back pain or arthritis, follow this method. In the bathtub, fill some lukewarm water and drop in a handful of the salt. Sit in this bath for some time, occasionally rubbing your arms or back, and get the ultimate relaxation. Remember, people from around the world visit Jordan every year, and you should not miss this for the world too!


  • Spa Style Mask at Home: You can get the mud mask from the Dead Sea right at your home. Use an applicator or a spatula to pick some from the jar and apply it evenly on your face or arms as per your need. The actual purpose of the same is to detoxify.


  • Hair and Nail Care: Other benefits of salt from the Dead Sea are by using it to cleanse nail and hair.

Origin & History

Go back to as long as you can, to the times when King Solomon or Sheba lived, and you can still come across the mention of these Dead Sea salts. Then we also came to know of how Queen Cleopatra had coaxed Marc Antony to conquer and take over the countries lining the Dead Sea. The reason was for her to get complete access to Nature’s best spa! Considering the lengths she used to go, we can surely pick these from the online stores for our benefit too!

Use of Salt in Premier Dead Sea Products

Premier is a luxury beauty line, and it specializes in offering the ultimate range of the Dead Sea salt-based products. There are Dead Sea salt and mud-based products with actual essence. The aromatic products are rejuvenating, cleansing, and moisturizing at the same time. Salt from the Dead Sea is in use here.

Premier works with Israel and has lined up environment conservation plans to ensure the salt therapy is sustainable.

Process of Manufacturing

The brand Premier works to come up with authentic and enriched products to heal and treat skin issues. They use ideal salt evaporation room techniques with superior conditions to dry and crystalize the salt. After eight months of crystallization, the firms remove bromide and make the finest quality salt-based products. The Dead Sea minerals are finally taken through further processes to make them into soaps or scrubs.

Benefits of Premier Range of Products

  • Authentic: Premier range of Dead Sea minerals is a class of its own. The product has a reputation for being from the Dead Sea basin bordering Israel. In short, the world’s longest salt cave in Israel has been a coveted source of the black mud packs and the body scrub salts you see from Premier.


  • Perfect Gift Materials: Show someone you care for them by giving them the perfect Dead Sea salt products from Premier. These pure products are high in all 21 vital Dead Sea minerals. They are beneficial in the long run for anyone who loves to look great.


  • Get Clear Skin: The Dead Sea salts are ideal for clearing the skin from all the impurities. It also helps in removing the dirt from the pores of the face and body. It can also help to remove dead and dry skin from scalp, elbows, knees, and cuticles. In short, you get superb hair and flawless glowing skin from these products of Premier’s Dead Sea collection.

The Dead Sea is a vast natural resource of the saltiest waters and the rich Dead Sea minerals. The minerals are greatly relieving and give a tag of being the best natural spa in the world. Take a handful of Premier’s bath salts on your way to the shower and have a significant bath right at home. Get only the most authentic Dead Sea salts to ensure the finest treatment for the wellness of your body and mind.


Which Dead Sea minerals help in hair fall treatment?

It is not surprising that the Dead Sea minerals hold a lot of power to cure the body of various health issues. It can cure several hair and skin problems like psoriasis, and even offer ultimate therapy. It has been in popular use for treating dry skin issues like eczema or psoriasis. The same way, minerals like zinc and sulfur can reduce the itchiness or flakiness on the scalp. This also promotes the growth in hair follicles. Bid goodbye to stress causing hair fall. It helps in boosting the hair growth and prevents the scalp from being very dry.

How are the Dead Sea minerals beneficial for healing inflammation?

Minerals such as magnesium are in great quantities in the Dead Sea water and salt basin. This magnesium works wonders on reducing the inflammatory conditions. So, the people suffering from painful conditions like itchy skin or acute chronic pain and arthritis or rheumatism find the therapies relieving. The people suffering from any of these conditions may go for a full body massage and then go bathing in these waters for getting relief from inflammation. Whether it is via a salt scrub, mud pack, or even a helio therapy, the Dead Sea minerals all relieve the inflammatory conditions.

How will Dead Sea salt helpful in fighting acne?

The Dead Sea mud and salt has the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties to help in cleansing and detoxifying the pore. These help in removing the oils, dirt, and other impurities on the skin. This helps in cleaning the surface and even deep pores. The Dead Sea salt works to the deep layers in the skin eliminating the chances of developing pimples, acne, blackhead, or whiteheads. The skin has other minerals in the Dead Sea salt to help in reducing the chances of getting any future skin problems. Moreover, weekly massages with the Dead Sea mud mask or exfoliating scrubs can help in reducing acne.

How is Dead Sea salt better than other oceans?

Dead Sea consists of 32% of salinity whereas the other seas contain 3% salt content. This means, the Dead Sea salt even in the smallest quantity, packs in the same efficacy as double in quantity of the sale from other seas. In terms of power-packed nutrition in the Dead Sea salt, we get to see a lot. The water is hyper alkaline in nature making it ideal for therapeutic benefits. The minerals include bromide titanium IV oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide, sulfur trioxide and chloride among others are in high quantity in Dead Sea than other seas.