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Dead Sea Salt Scrub

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth

this very saltine lake has accumulated minerals for thousands of years. When Dead Sea water is left to dry, salt crystals form and accumulate, they are then picked, cleaned and filtered down to the requested crystal size. Dead Sea Premier uses only 100% certified Dead Sea salt sourced directly from the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea in Israel. The Premier Dead Sea Salt Scrub is soaked with an exact, beneficial quantity of essential oils so that no oils remains on top of the salt crystals. The Premier Dead Sea salt scrub is a top selling product available with different oil mixtures and multiple fragrances. This unique method ensures that each single grain of salt is filled and coated with the oil. These salt crystals are used in different ratios within the Dead Sea salt scrub and in advanced manufacturing procedures when producing different Dead Sea rich mineral body care, Dead Sea rich mineral face care and Dead Sea rich mineral hair care products. These include products such as:

Our typical ORIGINAL Dead Sea salt contains the following beneficial minerals concentrations:

Magnesium Chloride ( MgCl2 ) 31% to 35% , Potassium Chloride ( KCl ) 23% to 30%, Sodium Chloride ( NaCl ) 1.5% to 9%, Calcium Chloride ( CaCl2 ) 0.06% to 0.5%, Water of crystallization ( H2O) 32%-40%, Sulphates ( So4 ) 0.2%, Bromide ( Br- ) 0.6%.

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