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Mud Mask

Dead Sea mud mask

The lowest place on earth – the Dead Sea is a mineral rich oasis which has accumulated minerals for millions of years. The mineral rich water, salts and mud are all unique and there equivalent are not to be found anywhere else on earth.

Dead Sea Premier uses only 100% certified Dead Sea mud sourced directly from the mineral rich shores of the Dead Sea in Israel.The Dead Sea mud undergoes several filtration procedures to ensure only valuable and beneficial skin minerals are maintained while any impurities or non-effective ingredients are removed.One of these filtering process includes the passing of the mud through filtering columns of seaweed and undergoes strict quality control ensuring its hygienic and effective mineral content.

The Dead Sea mud is used in different ratios and combinations during the various manufacturing processes depending on the application sought after when producing different body care, face care and hair care products. These include products such as: Dead Sea mud mask, Dead Sea mask miracle noir, Dead Sea mud soap, Dead Sea facial cleanser, Dead Sea peeling, Dead Sea face creams, Dead Sea serum, Dead Sea mud shampoo and more.The use of 100% natural Dead Sea mud is especially apparent in our mud collection skin care.Our typical ORIGINAL Dead Sea mud contains these beneficial minerals concentrations and more: Silicon Dioxide ( SiO2 ), Calcium Oxide ( CaO ), Aluminum Oxide ( Al2O3 ), Magnesium Oxide ( MgO ), Iron ( III ) Oxide ( Fe2O3 ), Sodium Oxide ( Na2O ), Chloride ( Cl ), Bromide ( Br ), Magnesium ( Mg ), Sodium ( Na ), Calcium ( Ca ), Potassium ( K ), Sodium Chloride ( NaCl ) and more.

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  1. Dead Sea Mud Cream
    Dead Sea Mud Cream
  2. Dead Sea Mud Face Serum
    Sale -34%
    Dead Sea Mud Face Serum
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  3. Dead Sea Mud Mask
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    Dead Sea Mud Mask
  4. Hydrating Dead Sea Mud Mask
    Hydrating Dead Sea Mud Mask
  5. Purifying Mud Mask for Face & Body
  6. Dead Sea Aromatic Body Mineral Mud
  7. Beautifying Mask Collagen, Beta Carotene and Seaweed
  8. Classic Miracle Noir Mask
    Classic Miracle Noir Mask
  9. Minerals-To-Go - Mild Mud Shampoo
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  10. Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap
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    Out of Stock
    Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap
  11. Classic Mud Seaweed & Honey Mask - Normal To Oily Skin
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11 Items

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