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    Premier marks its silver (25th) anniversary of international success with Mariah Carey

    Premier, the exceptional skincare brand, with a stellar world-wide reputation for maintaining dermal health, proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary of scientifically studying and producing the highest quality of the Dead Sea minerals. We are proud to collaborate with Mariah Carey, world-renowned singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress to commemorate this symbolic milestone.

  • Premier

    More than you could ever imagine

    Dead Sea minerals


    Premier's team of researchers uses the most cutting-edge technology, some of which is literally patented breakthroughs, combined with the natural ingredients extracted from nearby flora and the Dead Sea minerals. The Dead Sea, of course, is the body of water with the world's largest concentration of naturally-occurring oceanic minerals.

  • Premier

    A Closer Look

    The Dead Sea is a natural wonder


    Premier products are celebrated all across the world for their efficacy and innovation. They're well-known to serve as a vital source of energy, oxygen and nutrients for the skin and assist cellular rejuvenation and reconstruction. The Dead Sea minerals' scientifically proven and unique healing properties, in tandem with other such minerals and ingredients, would not have maximized the products' efficacy in the best possible manner were it not for the immense success Premier has had in integrating them into a groundbreaking liposome complex. This complex system allows transference of the products' active ingredients directly to the skin cells and their speedy absorption into them, in the best and quickest way.

  • Scientific research and development

    Advanced machinery and technological developments


    Premier's R&D team includes international names from academia, working hand in hand with EC laboratories. At their disposal are the most advanced machinery and technological developments making up for the very bleeding edge in the field, ones which not so long ago were thought to be pure science-fiction.

  • Strict

    Quality assurance

    Advanced standards


    The company's quality assurance division is known far and wide. This goes a long way in explaining why the company has been awarded the world's strictest quality standards, as well as dozens of international prizes, all by virtue of the company's innumerable proprietary discoveries in antiaging.

  • Eco-Friendly

    We care about the environment


    We care about the environment. A lot. Premier's manufacturing plant uses solar power generators and other unique components, all eco-friendly, to conserve energy. All of our products are ozone-friendly, come packed in recyclable materials and are never tested on animals.

  • The numbers have it

    Is the year the Premier brand was established by Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics Laboratories Ltd.

    The company was started using a private investment of 25 million USD, without any governmental or public funds or raising any outside capital

    Is the number of countries around the world to which the company's quality line of products is exported and marketed

    Premier's product series number 400 different items, each with their own built-in scientifically-proven advantages

    As an inseparable part of its worldview, year in and year out the company donates a total of 10% of its earnings (according to internal balance sheets) to the needy

    Is the number of square meters which the company's cutting-edge production facility stretches, a facility which allows fully automated and computerized manufacturing without any human interference

    The company employs more than 300 people in its Israel factory and offices

    Is the number of different minerals used in producing the company's line of products. 12 of which come from a place like no other...

    Is the number of international prizes the company has won, in addition to different merit badges and commendations in various fields

    The Dead Sea. An ocean of clinically and scientifically proven advantages

    On our journey from the world's lowest point to the highest peaks of world cosmetics.