Benefits of Dead Sea Products

Why restrict your organic choices to just food? Next time you visit your favorite mall or go shopping for cosmetics, check out the range of organic Dead Sea productsDead Sea cosmetics offer a complete skin care solution, including an array of organic exfoliating lotions, cleansers and toners, serums, masks, and moisturizers. And there are grooming essentials on offer for the man of the house too.

With over 21 minerals essential to boost skin health and enhance the beauty that goes skin deep, Dead Sea cosmetics purify and breathe new life into your skin. Adding these products to your daily skin care regimen reduces pimples and blackheads, reverses the signs of aging, restores skin balance, promotes hydration and skin cell renewal, prevents fluid retention, and soothes inflamed skin.

The skin care products from the Dead Sea cosmetics stable contain Dead Sea minerals that remove impurities from the skin, improve cell regeneration, and help the skin maintain its natural moisture. The antibacterial properties of the Dead Sea mud mask remove impurities like oil and dirt from the skin, and fight acne; the salt and magnesium in the mud mask improve the skin’s functionality by making it a better barrier and enhancing its elasticity.

The high concentration of sulfur in Dead Sea salt works on acne and blemishes and leaves you with a visibly more flawless and even skin tone. If you are suffering from psoriasis or skin allergies, the high levels of bromide and magnesium present in the Dead Sea salt provide relief and detoxify the skin. If you have dry, itchy and flaky skin, the high mineral content present in Dead Sea salt enhances skin hydration and reduces skin roughness and inflammation, as well as replenishes the electrolytes essential for healthy skin.

If fine lines and wrinkles make you appear older than your age, Dead Sea cosmetic products can ease your worries. Dead Sea products enriched with hygroscopic mineral salt crystals act as a wrinkle filler, giving you healthy and younger-looking skin. Minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium are essential for cell renewal and slowing down skin aging.  

Before you head for the cash counter and swipe your card or hit the “add to cart” button, check the composition of the cosmetics in your shopping cart. Say no to harsh chemicals and indulge your skin with the goodness of natural ingredients. Rediscover your youthful skin the natural way - with Dead Sea cosmetic products.