Authentic Dead Sea Skin Care Products

For years, people from all over the world have been flocking to the dead Sea to benefit from its innumerable salts and minerals. The Dead Sea is a natural phenomenon and is 1200 ft below sea level. Additionally, it is 32% more saline than any other water body anywhere in the world.

However, despite being far from fit for human consumption, it has a high concentration of nutrients and salts that can remedy several skin ailments. Per several research reports, every component of the Dead Sea - from the salts to the mud surrounding it to the water itself - is replete with health-benefiting qualities.

It has a high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide, and chlorine that have healing qualities and can help you get rid of skin ailments and even improve circulation. This has led to a host of Dead Sea cosmetics being produced and sold around the world. Let’s look at them in some detail.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Removing make-up after a tiring day is the last thing to do before hitting the bed. The problem is, sleeping with make-up on will block your pores and make your skin more prone to pimple and acne outbreaks. Moreover, merely using a cleansing skin care product to remove your makeup is just a shallow approach that at times may lodge the residual makeup into your pores. Here is exactly where the Dead Sea Mud Mask, fully packed with Dead Sea salts and minerals, comes to your rescue. Apply a Dead Sea Mud Mask after you have applied the makeup removal product. Let the mask sit for a few minutes and then gently peel it off using water or a washcloth. The mask ensures that it deep cleanses your face and its Dead Sea salt ingredients ensure that they rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin, helping you feel fresher.

Dead Sea Eye Cream

No skin care product has been as debated as the eye cream. While some argue that a moisturizer gives you the same benefit as an eye cream, some vehemently disagree with it. The skin around the eyes is more sensitive and needs a gentler skin care product like an eye cream. Dead Sea eye cream containing nutrients from Dead Sea salt gently refreshes and fights signs of aging like fine lines under your eyes, making you look younger.

Dead Sea Scrub

Exfoliating your skin is an important part of your skin care routine, making a Dead Sea scrub an important skin care product in your regimen. It not only cleans and flushes out oil and dirt from your pores, but Dead Sea salts also prevent the build-up of sebum under your skin. This ensures that your skin does not crack or become susceptible to pimples.

Skin disorders cured via Dead Sea products

One of the most common skin problems across the globe is acne, and a single skin product cannot tackle it. Usually, a combination of treatments and different products are prescribed to fight the causative agents of acne. However, applying a Dead Sea mask - due to its anti-bacterial properties - can effectively eliminate acne as it cleanses the trapped oil and dirt from the pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

Magnesium is usually prescribed to fight allergens, and bromine relaxes your muscles and nerves. Dead sea salt is rich in minerals like magnesium and bromine that effectively cleanse and detoxify the skin to relieve the symptoms of skin allergies.

It is universally known that salt dries your skin. However, this is not the case with Dead Sea salt as it is rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium as opposed to sodium chloride in regular salt. Therefore, these Dead Sea minerals maintain and strengthen the barrier function of the skin, trapping the moisture inside and leaving you with a hydrated and fresh face.

People with dry skin are more prone to wrinkles, whereas if you have well-hydrated skin, you can prevent wrinkles. Dead Sea minerals are hygroscopic, using water from deep within your skin and surrounding it to keep it healthy. Using Dead Sea products that have mineral salts will help you achieve healthy and younger-looking skin. Moreover, Dead Sea products contain minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium that slow down aging and increase essential cell-to-cell interaction.

Premier Cosmetics: authentic Dead Sea products

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