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Magnetic masks can be used to combat those beauty spoilers as well as enhance the health of your skin. These masks are accompanied by magnets that absorb dirt and impurities and lift it off your skin while providing it with much-needed moisturization.

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Dead Sea cosmetics from the world’s most saline lake have circulated far and wide across the globe. Thus, choosing a natural product today can seem like an easy choice and a resolution to improve your skin care regimen by turning to any Dead-Sea-branded product would be a brilliant idea after all.

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The Premier skincare range with Dead Sea cosmetics contains various natural elements that preserve the skin’s moisture. Unlike the artificial elements used in most of the commercial items, which can be oily and induce pimples by barring skin pores, Premier Skincare products have only natural salts and minerals.

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n ordinary sea has 3% salinity, while the Dead Sea has 32% salinity, making it the most saline water body on earth. Moreover, it has high concentrations of 21 minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, and bromide. This makes it a rare and resourceful naturally-occurring deposit of earth.

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Dead sea skin care products have been a rage for a long time. With the increasing popularity of the health benefits of these below the sea level minerals, they are now available as Dead Sea face masks, Dead Sea salt, and Dead Sea facewash. 

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Over the years, the Dead Sea minerals have been proven to effectively relieve skin various disorders, health ailments, and anxiety. Ironically, while the sea has been associated with the morbid adjective “dead”, its constituents are known for their replenishing and life-affirming properties.

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