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Dead Sea Mineral Salt Soap | Dead Sea Products | Premier Dead Sea | S2e

Dead Sea Mineral Salt Soap

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The perfect soap for a deep clean. Dead Sea salts pull impurities out of skin while dirt and sweat are rinsed away. Anti-bacterial properties kill any odor-causing bacteria. You'll feel clean and fresh each time you lather up and step out of the shower.

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Size 100gr/ 3.4fl.oz
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Lovers of natural or organic products for their skincare have high regard for the Dead Sea Salt soap. The Dead Sea salt requires no introduction, and nature has truly blessed us with this. Its water, as well as clay, possesses all the nourishing minerals. The soap has some of the finest benefits for the skin on regular use. Let us enumerate in detail on the ways you can experience the goodness of the Dead Sea salt-based soap. 

Safeguarding Skin from Acne

Getting acne breakouts may be troubling and not something to cherish. It leaves behind scars too, and the only way to keep the skin safe is by ensuring the skin pores are clean. Deep cleaning is one of the prime benefits of using the Dead Sea salt soap. 

Excellent Exfoliation

Dead Sea salt has a high concentration of salt more than the regular one. So, it makes the Dead Sea salt soap much more efficient as an exfoliating agent. Since time immemorial, people have been using salt in baths and spas for removing any toxic build-up on the skin’s surface and pores. 

Fights Skin Inflammation

Whether you are suffering from mild cases of eczema or a more severe form of other skin allergies, you need some respite from the same. The best way to tackle it is by topical application of the Dead Sea salt soap in these areas twice a day for the best relief. 

Fights Aging

The biggest issue most people fear is aging. They may not want the signs of aging to show up early. But the first signs, unfortunately, show up on the face. Tired wrinkles and frown lines appear on the face, making you look old. The best way to fight this is by getting to the root of the problem. The Dead Sea salt soap has the salt in it to eliminate free radicals by the oxidation method. This helps in keeping a person younger for long. 

Hydrates and Moisturizes

Skin must look fresh for long. Only then it will not dry up, causing cracks to form up. This is why moisturizing and hydration is essential. The Dead Sea salt succeeds in doing just that while giving your skin a clean and soft feel. 

Trying the Special Touch of the Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea salt has been around for therapeutic purposes. Even Queen Cleopatra trusted this to be the most enervating of the experiences of her spa time. Thankfully, today brands like Premier Dead Sea are here with similar benefits and goodness in it. We can use Dead Sea salt soap twice a day with lukewarm water to get the most refreshed and youthful-looking skin. Let us feel vibrant and remove all the impurities while staying ageless, just like the Dead Sea salt formula. 

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 - This soap cleans deep and nourishes skin so you can feel fresh and smooth once you step out of the shower.
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With a loofa, lather the soap and then scrub to wash away sweat, dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities. Rinse away with warm water. Repeat, if necessary.

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Dead Sea salt: Sea salt has amazing anti-bacterial properties that can kill odor-causing bacteria in sweat. When added to soaps, sea salt can also draw out the impurities imbedded deep in skin.
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